city of industry pins

9:00am Sunday, 13 Mar.

Save your flesh from unnecessary needle pricks and pop a pint-sized enamel sewing machine on your lapel instead.

pillbox hat diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Mar.

Hats – you can wear them, throw them and even eat them if you lose a bet. But what about crafting them instead?

Rings, necklaces and dangly bits for your ears – and guess what? We have a few to give away.

tinker watches

9:00am Monday, 22 Feb.

Just like in Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Tinker watch experience is all about letting your imagination run wild.


cactus collar pins

3:00pm Thursday, 18 Feb.

These clay collar pins from The Curious Cactus will make you feel like some sort of plant-laden cowboy.

rommydebommy's scrummy accessories

9:00am Wednesday, 03 Feb.

Do we want the red velvet cake clutch bag? The spag bol purse? The doughnut necklace? All of them? Who needs money anyway?

cheeky fawn bag

9:00am Sunday, 31 Jan.

Is it a tote? Is it a backpack? No, it's a totepack! (Or something.)

stuff mondays - mr w & me

3:00pm Monday, 18 Jan.

Need a reason to rejoice? We have pairs of these sweet pale pink shoes up for grabs. Wahoo!

leila and olive scarves

9:00am Saturday, 02 Jan.

Leila and Olive design the type of beautiful, delicate silk scarves you’ve always wanted to wrap around your noggin, before jumping in a Cadillac and going for a cruise.

It’s a sad fact of life: whenever you buy fancy sunnies you’re almost definitely going to sit on them or lose them within a couple of weeks. But you’ll just have to be extra careful with these ones, OK?

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