join the frankie team

3:00pm Thursday, 11 Oct.

We’re on hunt for an ace new account manager.

work for frankie magazine

9:00am Friday, 20 Jul.

We’re looking for a superstar wordsmith to join our team!

frankie is hiring

3:00pm Friday, 29 Jun.

Spread the word, folks: we are looking for a superstar designer to join our team.

want to work for frankie?

3:00pm Sunday, 03 Jun.

Big news, folks: we’re looking for a super-awesome, super-enthusiastic someone to join us in our tea- and coffee-guzzling ways!

Breakfast radio host Sarah Smith (from Triple R FM) gives us the lowdown on how to become a certified radio star.

we’re hiring!

9:00am Friday, 19 Jan.

Hey, everyone – we’re looking for an extraordinarily special (and lovely) person to join the frankie team!

frankie press is hiring

10:00am Friday, 13 Oct.

We have a job opening for a super-awesome designer. (Note: this opportunity is pretty damn rare!)

want to work for frankie?

10:00am Friday, 18 Aug.

Looking for your next opportunity? Well, it just so happens we’re on the hunt for a sales superstar.

want to make nice stuff for frankie?

10:00am Thursday, 29 Jun.

We’re looking for cooks and crafters to create nice stuff for frankie online.

frankie press is hiring!

4:00pm Wednesday, 14 Jun.

Attention word nerds: frankie press’ magazine for curious folks, Smith Journal, is on the lookout for an intrepid journalist/editor.

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