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wana is a social media app for people with chronic illness

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Living with a chronic illness can be pretty lonely sometimes. It’s one of the many things people with chronic conditions told us in issue #94, and something that Wana co-founders Evan Golub and Nicole Krinick know all too well.

Wana (short for ‘We are not alone’) is a newly-launched social media app that helps people with chronic and invisible conditions find comfort in each other. Both Evan and Nicole have Lyme disease, and understand just how difficult it can be to explain the ins and outs of your chronic (and frequently misdiagnosed) health issue. Sometimes you just want to vent to someone who gets exactly what you're going through.

That's where Wana comes in. Users who sign up can ‘match’ and chat to buddies with the same conditions and symptoms, and can also head to the app's public forum for support. While not a stand-in for professional medical advice, Wana wants to be a place where folks with chronic illnesses can feel less alone. The app is currently only available on the Apple store in the US (here's hoping they expand soon), and you can find out more over this way.

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