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What could clothing look like if none of the usual rules applied? The answer is likely on stage at WOW (World of WearableArt), the annual show that gives designers, artists and makers a chance to let their imagination run wild. In short, WOW is the place where art and fashion join hands.

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Started in 1987 in rural Nelson, New Zealand, the event now attracts creatives from over 40 countries who each compete for one of 34 awards (and very big cash prizes). The resulting show is a mix between couture and Cirque du Soleil – it's futuristic, wild and pretty freakin' impressive.

If that sounds like something you'd fly across the Tasman for, you best note down the following: WOW 2020 festivities kick off in Wellington between September 24 and October 11 next year. (Head to the WOW website to pick up tickets.) And for creative types itching to craft a wearable piece of art, you've still got ample time to submit your work – just head here to check out the entry guidelines.

The show runs for a full three weeks, and after that, you can get up close and personal with each work at the National WOW Museum Exhibition. All we can say is, expect the unexpected.

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Featured artwork:
Diva’s Dreamscape, Peter Wakeman, New Zealand
Code Tracer, Janet Bathgate, New Zealand
236 Maiden Lane, Lynn Christiansen, United States
Mollusca, R.R. Pascoe, Australia

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