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out of shape

You could read photographer Melissa Schriek’s faceless images as a comment on the loneliness of life in the city. Equally, you could see it as a bunch of bodies amusingly placed over poles and street corners. You’d be right in either case – the Dutch shutterbug is indeed pointing out the strangeness of feeling lonely in a public place, and she wants you to laugh a little in the process.

Melissa began snapping these photos between 2016 and 2019, posing her models like modern dancers. (We’d argue that the floppy balloons at the front of car dealerships were a point of inspiration, too.) Scroll through some oddly graceful shots below and stop by Melissa's Instagram over here

melissa schriek frankie 5

melissa schriek frankie 2

melissa schriek frankie 4

melissa schriek frankie

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