stuff mondays – fiskars diy essentials

Consider yourself rather handy around the house? Well, even if you don’t, you could be with the help of some nifty DIY essentials from Fiskars. The Finnish tool experts have a neat new range of gizmos made especially for craft and DIY enthusiasts, which you can find at your local Spotlight.

The exciting news is that you could also score a $260 Fiskars set containing the following:
- hammer
- nail starter
- tape measure
- level
- metal ruler
- hand saw
- six-in-one screwdriver
- PowerCut Softgrip shears
- Total Control Precision scissors
- two-sided cutting mat

All you have to do is cross your fingers and toes real tight and send us your details here. The DIY dream is real, folks! If you’re curious, you can also see how we put the tools to good use over here.

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