long story short: a chat with musician ruby gill

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It’s here! The very first episode of our new podcast, Long Story Short, is officially out in the world, featuring a chat with the oh-so lovely Ruby Gill.

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Ruby was a music finalist in the 2019 Good Stuff awards, impressing the frankie team with a gritty, heart-wrenching tune called “Your Mum”. The South African native (who now calls Australia home) plays a bunch of instruments, including classical piano and guitar, and her dark, moody folk sound has been compared to musicians like Regina Spektor, Margaret Glaspy and Joni Mitchell, no less. She’s also a pretty top-notch chick to chat to, as it turns out – have a listen to the podcast below to see for yourself.

There’ll be much more to come in the Long Story Short series – another nine episodes, to be exact – so keep an eye on our podcast page to stay up-to-date with the bite-sized chinwags. You can also subscribe to Long Story Short via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you usually get your poddies.

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