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get up mum – the audio series

Former frankie writer Justin Heazlewood has often put pen to paper in an effort to clear out his head. Not too long ago, he did just that with his memoir Get Up Mum, a touching story about growing up with a mum with mental illness. Since the release of the book last year, Justin's also turned Get Up Mum into a 10-part radio series for ABC RN's Life Matters.

In contrast to adult Justin, twelve-year-old Justin, was more into collecting memories than clearing them out, obsessively (and sneakily) recording the voices of his family and friends on cassette tapes. It was only years later that he finally revisited them, realising just how vivid a picture they painted of his childhood.

For the next two weeks, you can take a ride in Justin's time machine by tuning into ABC RN, Life Matters (episodes are airing 9.20am, daily). Or, do the milennial thing and get the whole series straight into your ears by downloading it here.

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