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Podcasts are the ultimate comfort – especially for those of us who spend solitary days in the studio or late nights working on side projects. Whether you’re after a little pep talk, or are keen to learn how other creative and socially minded folks out there make things work, there’s probably a podcast that could help you out. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite local and international go-to’s to keep you company.

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photo by Leah Jing

Hosted by Melbourne-based writer Stephanie Van Schilt and arts manager Veronica Sullivan, Sisteria is a podcast about women in arts and culture. The team chat to  women from diverse disciplines – from photography to writing, to theatre, music and activism. If you’re interested in learning more about the Australian women making waves in their space, tune right in.

Starving Artist
Honor Eastly’s Starving Artist is an oldie but a goodie. The 13-episode series launched in 2017 and sees Honor delve into the less glamorous side of the arts. You’ll learn about how various creatives negotiate a raise, launch a successful crowd funding campaign, tackle the sticky question of planning for kids, beat imposter syndrome and more.

Melbourne illustrator Penny ‘Min Pin’ Ferguson and textile design Esther Sandler get together every now and again to chat to some of Australia’s coolest artists, designers and musicians. There’s heaps of wisdom on running a creative business to be found here

Close Knit
Ani Lee hosts Close Knit, a podcast that interviews crafters from all walks of life about their work, motivations and how fibre can play an important part in processing emotions. Ani is a big supporter of local makers and is passionate about social and environmental change through craft. 

The Design Files Talks
This fornightly interview-style podcast from The Design Files team ropes in subjects across art, design and culture to dish the dirt on how they got to where they are.

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Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio
Remember Sophia Amoruso from NastyGal? She’s since transitioned her career into media, launching a website for millennial working women called Girlboss, and a podcast of the same name. Whatever your thoughts on Sophia, this poddy is worth a listen for the boundary-pushing women like Garance Doré and Roxane Gay who feature.

Creative Mornings
Got a long drive to work in the mornings? This podcast might be a good ‘un to put on the for the ride. Each episode is a lecture from community leaders and other interesting figures across design, education and more, from around the globe.

Made by Folk
Design nerds will appreciate Made by Folk, which interviews various designers and illustrators about the conundrums they face on the job. Creators across Europe and the UK share their experience and reflect on their working lives.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman
Debbie Millman has been in the business of interviewing creative folks for over two decades. So big is the archive of interviews that you can browse the episodes by discipline on the website. Check it out if you’re interested in powerful personal stories.

Wheeler Centre
As Melbourne’s centre for books, writing and ideas, the Wheeler Centre hosts some of Australia and the world’s best thinkers. Audio from live talks and events are uploaded directly to the podcast feed. There’s no shortage of episodes involving writers and authors, although if you’re just someone who’s generally interested in the state of the world, you’ll also find some good stuff here.

two words with taku body podcast
Two Words with Taku

Two Words with Taku
Our 2018 Good Stuff Award winner Taku Mbudzi talks all things writing on her podcast Two Words with Taku. With 87 episodes and counting, there’s a wealth of stories to browse, from interviews with writers (screen, technical, books, online and more) to Taku's personal advice on applying for competitions and her experience as a budding TV producer.

Another great listen for writers, Longform is a long-running podcast that unpicks the personal and professional stories of some of the most fascinating journalists and writers. It’s also extremely well produced (and you’ll never run out of episodes to listen to).

Song Exploder
In each episode, a muso sits down and takes apart one of their songs, telling us the story behind how it was made. Song Exploder is a dream for both music makers and average listeners alike – you’ll definitely want to put your good headphones on to appreciate the sound design. So far, big names including Janelle Monáe, Cat Power, and Blood Orange have all featured.

the frankie podcast
Did you think we’d forget to mention our own audio baby? We’ve talked to a bunch of awesome Australian makers including Jenny Kee, Beci Orpin and Ben Law about their origin story and how they made it. Check it out right over here.

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