tall poppy togs

Ever been worried about your bikini bottoms sliding off in the surf while trying to catch a wave? The folks at Tall Poppy swimwear know exactly the feeling. Craft lady Poppy Kaalund started the brand in 2015 with the intention to create functional and stylish swimwear made for surfing, swimming, and (safely) sunbathing. Designs combine vintage floral prints with the latest in textile technology. Tall Poppy togs are more chlorine resistant than your average pair and come with a bonus of UPF 50+, so are super sun-smart. To top it off, these beauties are made from recycled fishing nets, old clothes, and even carpets – pretty cool, huh? Styles are all made to order in Poppy’s Sunshine Coast studio and take about one or two days to make, so keep that in mind before you plan a beach getaway. Have a surf of the website here to nab a pair (or two) for yourself.

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