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sunny side

The Zora Hotel in the Croation seaside town of Primošten is usually brimming with families and children during the summer. But in artist Lana Stojićević’s photo series Sunny Side, the hotel’s domed pool is desolate – more 1960s sci-fi than holiday destination. Inspired by the hotel’s 1971 tourist ad, which encouraged foreigners to experience the sunny side of socialism, Lana reimagined the pool as a spaceship named Sunny Side. See Lana comandeering the intergalatic ship in the shots below and catch more of her work over here.

Lana Stojicevic 1

Lana Stojicevic 3

Lana Stojicevic 2

Lana Stojicevic 5

Lana Stojicevic 8

Lana Stojicevic 15 body

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