photos of 70s interiors, untouched by time

Best known for his surrealist paintings, artist David Wadelton is also a keen documenter of Melbourne’s suburbs. Taking his camera into houses across the city's northern stretches, the 63-year-old artist uncovers interiors perfectly preserved since their 1970s heyday. Some of the houses, dotted across suburbs such as Coburg, Reservoir and Pascoe Vale, have been unoccupied for decades, while others have been modernised entirely, bar one impossibly retro room. Take a look at this special time capsule below, then head over on David’s Instagram to find more.

david wadelton pascoe vale south 2 body

david wadelton pascoe vale south body

david wadelton richmond 2

david wadelton coburg room

david wadelton richmond

david wadelton reservoir body

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