stuff mondays – birkenstock and jost goodies

Ahoy there, frankie chums! A new season is upon us, which calls for a bit of a wardrobe refresher – it’s time to give your scuzzy summer shoes with holey soles the heave-ho and finally bid farewell to that threadbare tote you’ve had for yonks.

The folks at Birkenstock and JOST are here to support you with your spring cleanout, too – they’ve kindly offered up a pair of Papillio by Birkenstock leather sandals and a JOST 3-in-1 Vika X-Change leather bag to get you through the balmier months. Nabbing them is as easy as popping by our giveaway page, filling in your details and crossing your fingers nice and tight. Then again, you could hop onto Instagram and see what else Birkenstock and JOST have to offer (loads of nice things to wear, carry and touch, as it so happens). Good luck!

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