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a home in the arctic

We are just a bit enchanted with photographer Céline Clanet’s Máze project, centred on her visits to the small indigenous village in Norwegian Lapland. Locals belong to the Sámi peoples of Arctic Europe, whose ancestors have fished, herded reindeer – and presumably got to grips with extreme chilliness – throughout Scandinavia and bits of Russia for around 5000 years now.

Shot during the endless days of Arctic summers, Céline’s photos show beautiful tundras, plenty of reindeer and some frankly awesome handmade knits. But just like with indigenous folk elsewhere, there are threats to the Sámi way of life, too: from hydroelectric dams and climate change to land rights struggles and cultural education. Máze hints at some of these traumas behind the gorgeous Arctic views. Bittersweet as well as beautiful.

maze 1

maze 2

maze 3

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