help crowdfund bravery co.’s scarves for cancer warriors

Some things are just crap with crap piled on top. Cancer falls into this category. Emily Somers knows this rather well, as she’s battled (and conquered) the big C not once, but twice. The second time around, she decided to launch Bravery Co., a swish cancer headwear company, since nothing of the kind really existed as far as she knew. We reckon it’s a pretty cool thing (obviously – she took home the frankie Good Stuff Small Business award and the People’s Choice award in 2018), and we’re bloody excited that she’s now crowdfunding for her first scarf collection. The range features artworks from the likes of Beci Orpin, Luci Everett, Marylou Faure and heaps more super-talented illustrators – plus, 10 per cent of all profits go towards cancer research. Head over this way to donate and find out more about Bravery Co. Go, Emily!

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