tunesday – porpoise spit

porpoise spit 1

A band named after Muriel’s mediocre hometown? Yes, indeed it is – and they make ripper tunes to boot. In their own words: “Porpoise Spit was birthed as a queer ode to D-grade Aussie celebrities and morphed into something both parts tragic and comedic. With their bittersweet millennial tones and suburban pub, mum rock dreamscape, Porpoise Spit will flip you the bird and make a break straight for your bloody heart.” Oh, and if vocalist/guitarist Mill O’Sullivan looks familiar to you at all, that might be because they gave us some ace advice on gender pronouns not so long ago

Get your ears around their fun, funny and touching sounds over this-a-way – or, if you’re in Melbourne town, pop past the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on Friday June 1st to catch the four-piece launching their long-awaited pub banger “Karl Stefanovic at the Logies Drunk” (check out the Facebook event here).

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