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Do you like interesting stuff and nice people? Do you have ears? Are you ready to perform a happy little jig? Good news, then – frankie now has a podcast. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s pretty bloody awesome. Hurrah!

To start with, we’ve got a whole series of interviews with our very excellent 2018 Good Stuff judges – basically your average dream team of creative mentors and good folk: Beci Orpin, Jenny Kee, Myf Warhurst, Jeremy Wortsman, Grace McQuilten, Pip Lincolne, Luisa Brimble, Tess McCabe, Marc Fennell and Benjamin Law.

During our chats, you’ll hear how each of these folk got to where they are now (including all the challenges and fuck-ups along the way), their best advice for anyone trying to make a go of a creative career, and also what they’re looking for from Good Stuff entries.

Hosted by frankie’s own Mia Timpano, our podcasts are both extremely deep and ridiculously silly. You’ll learn heaps of new things about Australia’s favourite creatives, including the story behind Beci Orpin’s haircut, how Jeremy Wortsman nearly became a hairdresser, what kind of undies Jenny Kee wears and why Luisa Brimble is getting a free funeral.

In short: it’s funny and friendly and helpful, plus there’s talk of what goes on in Jenny Kee’s pants. What more could you want? A perfect little listen for when you’re on the train, doing the dishes, walking the dog, contemplating your Good Stuff entry and/or researching new careers.

Care to cop an earful, frankie friends? You can listen to the podcasts right now on the website or find them in iTunes under "the frankie podcast". We hope you like!

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