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There are so many reasons to subscribe to frankie. Sure, we’re biased, what with us making the magazine and all, but we reckon it’s pretty cool to get your issue before everybody else – and getting it delivered to your home to boot. Every two months, you’ll get a big dose of fun, sweary and interesting tales, along with page after page of eye candy. Oh, and if you subscribe in time to get our bumper issue 81, you’ll also go in the running to win a whole shelf’s worth of ace tomes from Hardie Grant.

Featuring 10 books hand-picked by the frankie team and valued at 425 buckeroos, this is a prize that’ll keep you busy for quite some time. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a 12-month subscription? That’s all good – you can also choose our pay-per-issue option and cancel any time. But do subscribe or re-subscribe one way or the other before Monday December 4th if you want to go in the running to win that mini-library. Good luck, friends!

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