pigeon heels

It was on a whim that Keiko Otsuhata created her pigeon shoes. You see, it occurred to her that the word pigeon in Japanese is a pun (albeit a weak one) for high heels – then, upon considering it further, realised that a) she’d quite like to befriend some pigeons, and that b) making a pair of heels to resemble said birds wouldn’t be too tricky at all. Step one: buy some el cheapo heels. Step two: carve the body of the pigeon out of foam. Step three: create the birds’ distinctive appearance out of felt. Step four: make tiny legs (aka heels) from wire. Step five: take them out to meet their new friends! Hit play on the video to see how the pigeons in Ueno Park in Tokyo responded to the heels, then head this way to read more about the process of making them. (Sadly, they’re not for sale, but you can check out Otsuhata’s other creations via her online store.)

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