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jessica dance’s woollen sewing machine

Jessica Dance is a textile artist of the exceptionally rad variety. Indeed, you may have spotted her works in frankie previously, both in print (with her woollen old-school Macintosh computer) and online. Recently, the British lass was commissioned to create some new eye-popping creations to celebrate Wool Week 2017 in London. If teleportation were possible, we would beam ourselves to UK department store John Lewis in Oxford Street this very instant to gaze upon her knitted sculpture of the store’s most popular sewing machine, which, by all accounts, is a doppelganger of the real thing. For those of you who are in London, rejoice, for Ms Dance’s installation will remain on show till Saturday October 21st. We, however, will have to settle for examining this photo of it (along with snaps of her giant 3D woollen icy poles, displayed earlier this month in Baker Street). But we’re certainly not complaining; as far as treats for the eyeballs go, this is pretty high up there. See more of Jessica’s work over here.

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