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You know when you come across some music that makes you think, “I must remind myself to add this to a playlist for a very cool person, so I can impress that person and then, around three weeks later, ask them to join me for a casual drink and then smooch them very hard”? No? Well, maybe that’s just us… But if you were the kind of person who had such thoughts, then you’d do well to give Noire a spin. The Sydney duo makes some really dreamy tunes – nay, some of the dreamiest we’ve heard this year – and they were kind enough to tell us a little bit about what makes them tick. Scroll down to read our interview with Noire, and listen to “Real Cool” (a cut from their debut album, Some Kind of Blue, out next Friday).

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Writing or recording? Jessica: Recording for me is always fairly stressful – especially mixing, because you have to listen to something a million times and by that stage you think what you’ve done is just the worst thing ever. Writing has a real beauty to it, especially when you finally catch an idea that you’re in love with.

Coffee or tea? Jessica: Ahh, coffee is everything. It’s the only reason I get out of bed most days. I love the ritual of having a coffee. Going to a café, ordering, sitting there, observing the people in the café, and getting yourself organised for the day ahead. Cafés are my church. Billy: Coffee is one of my vices. Every day starts with a cup and I struggle to function without it.

Vinyl or digital? Jessica: I got a turntable a couple of years ago and started collecting vinyl, but then I realised how lazy I am – it was too much work to flip the vinyl after a couple of songs (ha), so I went back to digital. Digital for convenience and vinyl for elegance.

City or country? Billy: I grew up in a small town and always knew I would move to a city. It took a few years of city living to truly appreciate the place I grew up in. Although I’m still a city dweller, I much prefer time in the country.

Sweet or savoury? Jessica: Savoury. Just give me a diet of coffee and croissants and I will die happy.

Night or day? Jessica: Definitely day. The colours, the sun – everything is new again. Billy: Seeing the sunrise and being up early is a good way to keep me motivated. Daytime is when I’m most productive.

Thrillers or comedies? Billy: Comedy for sure. I don’t really like the mindset thrillers put me in. I like to walk home late at night without my mind running though scenarios of being brutally murdered.

Noise or silence? Jessica: Noise. Some of my favourite sounds are the wind against curtains, wind chimes on a veranda, the sound of car tyres on dirt roads, water trickling down a river or Billy playing guitar. Billy: I like pleasant noise: good music, the ocean, birds, people having a good time.

For more Noire, pop past their Facebook and/or Soundcloud.

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