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tunesday – two steps on the water interview

We’re pretty enchanted with Two Steps on the Water (as you may have previously noticed), so we were pretty damn delighted to hear that the emotion punk band from Melbourne have got a LP in the words, Sword Songs. Pop over this way to have a listen, and scroll downwards to read our little chinwag with Two Steps frontwoman, June Jones.

two steps 1

Describe your music in five words, please. Melodramatic folk music for saddies.

What inspires a Two Steps on the Water tune? Usually I write when I’m having a feeling that’s too strong to just sit with, which is something that happens most days. A lot of our songs are about my experience of being trans (especially in a public setting) and traumatised.

When are you at your most creative? Personally, I am at my most creative after my first cup of coffee. For instance, this morning I had a cup of hot bean juice and then decided to start writing a horror film about a run-in between some trans women and a cult of trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

If we saw you at a gig, what beverage should we offer to buy you? If I’m driving, I’d happily accept an offering of a glass of coke, and if not, maybe a beer. I’m a simple woman with simple pleasures.

What’s your best non-musical skill? My best non-musical skill would have to be my ability to start a book without finishing it. Not many people know this, but I am incredibly good at the art of losing patience with the act of reading. [Whether it’s] a novel, collection of poetry, or non-fiction, I am bound to quit halfway through.

Where would we typically find you on a Sunday afternoon? I have never been a fan of Sundays. Since I was a kid they have always had this desolate quality about them. On a Sunday afternoon I am probably doing whatever I can to make Monday come quicker, which these days is probably listening to Woodland Secrets podcast and playing Xbox.

Last time you had a fight with someone? I fight with people on the internet sometimes, which is ridiculous. It’s almost never a good idea to engage, but I’m a Scorpio, so obviously sometimes I cannot resist the drama.

What’s your idea of a perfect date? Maybe I’m just really unimaginative, because my idea of a perfect date is going to see something gay at the cinema and then eating really nice pizza. My girlfriend and I drove to the hot springs once, and that was really cute.

Lovely snap from Naomi Beveridge.

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