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the sculpted trees of san francisco

You tend to notice some funny things when you spend enough time wandering around the streets of your town. Sometimes it’s an eccentric local pacing on a street corner, or a friendly pooch that runs to the fence as you walk by. For Texan gal Kelsey McClellan, a move to San Francisco meant seeing the city with fresh eyes, and spying a whole heap of beautifully sculpted trees on her walks. After a while, she found herself clocking weird and wonderful plants on the regular, so she began documenting them in a series of images. The natural beauties are quite the show ponies, thanks to the owners who have clipped them into a mixed bag of surreal shapes. There are pom-poms, oblong hedges and spirals, to name but a few. Scroll down to check them out.

san fran 1

san fran 2

san fran 3

san fran 4

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