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the tree with its own postcode

tree with postcode 1

Allow us to introduce you to the Bridegroom’s Oak, a 500 year old tree in the Dodauer Forest in Germany. Legend has it that back in the day forbidden lovers would hide letters to each other in a hole in the tree’s trunk, and eventually, years later, would marry under the very same tree.

Word spread of the power of the tree, and in 1927 the German post office decided to give the tree its very own postal code, so people looking for love all over Germany could write to the tree and hope that their letter would be read by someone seeking love, too. The post box is now open to the public, so anyone can read, take or reply to the letters. Apparently, the Bridegroom’s Oak receives up to 50 letters a day from romantic hopefuls all over the world.

Want to send your own? Then grab a pen and send your missive to:

Dodauer Forst,
23701 Eutin, Germany

In the meantime, feel free to settle in and watch this short documentary about the Bridegroom’s Oak by the talented Claudia Bracholdt.

Pretty pic by Holger Ellgaard.

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