tunesday – first times, last times with the aces

The Aces are four lasses from Utah who make delicious pop-rock melodies. Scroll down to read about some of their most recent and most distant memories, then scoot over this way to grace your earholes with their tune-age.

the aces 1

First time you heard your song on the radio? This March! We listened to “Stuck” play on the radio in New York City from our AirBnB in LA.

Last time you read a good book? Collectively, our favourite book is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. We all read it together two Christmases ago!

First time you were approached by a fan? When we were in middle school, Alisa had a friend ask if we would play “Happy Birthday” at her best friend’s party as a surprise. We went thinking it would just be a casual thing, but when we showed up, the birthday girl actually burst into tears when she saw us. It was our first true fangirl experience and it was dope!

Last time you swam in the ocean? We took a band beach trip a couple weeks ago, when we were in LA.

First time you sent a love letter? Junior High, for sure.

Last time you felt afraid? We all felt a little nervous before our show last week at Mercury Lounge in New York – but it was also super-exciting!

First time you travelled overseas? It was a couple of weeks ago! We went to Sweden to play a show.

Last time you ate something extravagant? We’re all major foodies. One of our favourite places to go is Craig’s on Melrose, in Los Angeles.

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