rugged up elephants in india

And now, in heartwarming news: ladies in the northern Indian city of Mathura are making giant granny square blankets to keep the local elephants cosy and warm. The elephants, who have endured chronic neglect and beatings at the hands of their former owners, now face a new threat: perilously low temperatures. Folks at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation Centre (where the rescued creatures live), say that a life of abuse makes the elephants especially vulnerable to ailments like pneumonia. Good thing, then, that lasses in the community know how to stitch – and have such big hearts. Have a gander at their handiwork just below, then pop over to The Independent to read more.

rugged up elephants 1

rugged up elephants 2

rugged up elephants 3

rugged up elephants 4

Lovely photos by Roger Allen.

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