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frankie christmas wishlist – mia timpano


I’m a music nerd, a tech nerd, a sci-fi nerd… Actually, just call me a frigging nerd – it’ll save us all time. One of the great things about being a nerd is that we’re super-easy to buy pressies for. Why, just take a peekeroo at my Christmas wishlist below, and you’ll see what I mean. Ho ho ho.

mia wishlist big 2

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Yep, I’m a four-eyes, and I reckon it’s time for a new pair of goggles. I love just about every set of specs from the Bailey Nelson range, but these pretties really tickle my pickle.

2. As far as I’m concerned, summer hollies mean air conditioning and movie marathons – and you can never watch The Lost Boys too many times. Just try and prove me wrong.

3. My goal for 2017 is to be more like Elvira – perhaps this button will help me in my quest?

4. Well, well. It’s a sock made by the excellent types at Tightology celebrating my favourite thing: mixtapes. Gimme.

5. The ultimate stocking stuffer for the Trekkie in your life, People Feelings by Data is the zine to beat all zines. Resistance is futile.

6. Love me, love my chocolate breath. I’m a huge fan of the dark stuff where cacao is concerned, and plan on stuffing as many of these slabs in my gob as possible this Xmas break. Hot damn!

7. Teeth & Tongue’s Give Up On Your Health is the album of the year. There, I said it! Buy it on vinyl and an angel gets their wings.

8. If you’ve seen me on public trannie or about town, you’ve probably seen me in a pair of giant headphones. But I can always do with another pair, and these babies from Sennheiser are just tops. Pretty please?

9. I know, I know. Christmas is a stinker weather-wise in the southern hemisphere, but this coat from Hell Bunny is what is known as an INVESTMENT PIECE. Actually, what the heck – I’ll wear it in summer, too.

10. I’m an organised chaos kind of lass (much to the chagrin of my much neater colleagues – and anyone who wants to use my kitchen), but I reckon I might lift my game should Señor Claus care to gift me with one of these super-sweet frankie 2017 diaries. Ahh, that mulberry cover!

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