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Everyone has their own little magazine reading ritual. Perhaps you’re the kind who likes to save it for those long haul public transport rides. Or maybe you like to take it with you to your local café. Or maybe you’re that homebody who loves nothing more than to nestle into the couch with a mag on your lap and a hot mug of something delicious in your paw.

If you happen to belong to the last category, you might like to subscribe in time to win one of our rather special frankie mugs, so you can sip away in style. The ceramic lovelies were designed in collaboration with the good folks at Robert Gordon, and there’s only 100 of them in the whole wide world. Each one is dedicated to one of our favourite childhood treats – mint slice, lemon meringue, neapolitan and coconut ice – and made with love in Melbourne.

Head this way to subscribe or re-subscribe before Thursday September 22nd to be in the running to win. Oh, and we promise there’ll be plenty of awesomeness in every single issue. In fact, we guarantee it.

Pretty Nordic letterbox pic by Larigan.

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