garage sale trail 2016

garage sale trail 1

If the sight of a cardboard sign with “garage sale” scrawled on it makes you weak at the knees, this news may cause you to collapse in a jittery heap: Garage Sale Trail, the epic bargain-hunting event, is back for another year on Saturday October 22nd.

On one glorious day, households across Australia will haul their pre-loved goodies out onto their lawns, from clothing to knickknacks and old sticks of furniture, all for your fossicking pleasure.

frankie’s editor-in-chief Jo Walker will be returning as the event’s ambassador (wahoo!) and we’ll be holding our very own frankie and friends garage sale once again. Keep an eye on our blog for more details on the shindig (hint: there’ll be crafty bits and bobs and some delicious treats to stuff in your gob), and in the meantime, pop past the Garage Sale Trail website to register your own sale for free.

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