tunesday – tinpan orange premiere

Are your friends flying off overseas to pursue their dreams, while you’re not even sure what yours are yet? Well, this just might be your anthem.

tinpan orange 2

The pretty tune, “Cities of Gold”, comes from indie-folk lovelies Tinpan Orange, and will be launched live in their hometown of Melbourne at the Memo Music Hall on Saturday August 13th. Woohoo!

The good news is that you lucky folk get to nestle in and watch the song a wee bit early, from the comfort of your couch (or bus seat, depending where your bottom is currently located). Just hit play on the video below to kick off your very own exclusive screening.

Be warned, though: the clip features a rather sweet dance number that may make you want to twirl about. We recommend public transport travellers remain seated and sway gently, lest you wind up boogying on the floor of the bus.

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