get fancy: the faux bob

Are you dreaming of a complete hairstyle change? Give this sneaky trick a whirl before you lop off your lovely long locks! A faux bob is a snazzy way to spruce up your regular hairdo, for a routine trip to the post office or a special event. With a bit of practice, it can also be done on anything from wispy curls to super-straight, sleek hair.

faux bob 1


hair brush
tail comb
bobby Pins
hair elastics
curling tool of choice

faux bob 2


1. Section hair from ear to ear using your tail comb.

faux bob 4

2. Clip away the top section so it doesn’t get caught, then start to plait the bottom section. Once you've finished your plait, secure it with a hair elastic.

faux bob 5

3. Pin the plait flat against your scalp in a spiral. This is a ‘secret plait’, which helps to anchor the pins, making the style more secure.

faux bob 6

4. Curl the top half of your hair using your preferred method.

faux bob 7

5. Gently brush out the curls, then leaving your fringe out, take the remainder of the curled hair and wrap the ends around your finger.

faux bob 8

faux bob 9

6. Sit the ends over the plaited area. Once you're happy with the positioning, pin through the secret plait using your bobby pins.

faux bob 10

7. Finish off the style by pinning your fringe into place. Use hairspray for extra hold, and whaddayaknow? Your hair is now an entirely different length!

faux bob 11

Pretty pictures of model Suzie Stevens were snapped by Kristoffer Paulsen. Hair by the Distinctive Dame and makeup by Dana Leviston. 

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