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days of deutsch

There’s a lot to wrap your head around when you’re attempting to learn a new language: pronunciation, word order, gender, structure, and sometimes a completely different alphabet’s thrown in, just for fun.

Illustrated flash cards could help you clear these verbal hurdles, but, being in the digital age, there’s another option: Days of Deutsch. The handy website teaches you a German word a day – some useful, some a little pointless – with the help of a series of carefully crafted (and easy-on-the-eye) snaps. After all, you never know when terms like ‘meerkat’, ‘fig’ and ‘slide’ will come up when you’re trotting around Deutschland. Like when you hit the playground with your best pal Timon and find yourself in need of a fruity snack.

Start your learning here, or follow the site on Instagram.

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