indisposable concept

People, places, things, or your collector’s edition Lord Of The Rings DVDs. Whatever it is that’s important to you, an initiative called Indisposable Concept encourages you to take a minute to capture it with a disposable camera – then send your artful snaps their way.

A project focused on levelling the photographic playing field by harking back to the now ditched-and-dusty disposable camera, the idea is to take a roll of film over one week and fill it up with shots of whatever takes your fancy. It may be one subject; it may be a many. The only rule is that it portrays what’s indisposable to you and the space you live in.

Once you’re done, pop the shots through to the Indisposable Concept team and they’ll add you to the community of snappers on their website (and maybe even feature you in an upcoming exhibition). Find details on how to get involved and check out the 2000 odd rolls that have already been shot over here.

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