tunesday - the beautiful girls

by georgia frances king

When we heard that not only were The Beautiful Girls breaking up, but they were doing so after a career spanning over a decade, we felt a little old. To us, the musical threesome of Mat McHugh, Paulie B and Bruce Braybrooke bring back memories of a sun-tinted youth full of bright minds, wistful dreams and adolescent debauchery. When we close our eyes and hear the tinkle of "La Mar" in the background, we can almost feel the salty wind dance around our faces and the sand between our toes.

Lucikly, they're not bowing out silently. Before the curtain closes, they are embarking on a whopping thirty one date tour that will visit the furthest corners of Australia, from massive halls to tiny coastal cafes. The goodbye tour has just started, and will be going all the way until October 13th. If you're keen to head along one last time, all of the tour dates are here.

And so it goes.

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