tunesday - nick waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse started his music career in a bit of a weird way. As an introverted teenager with a mean case of stage fright, he used the exposure method of facing your fears, forcing himself to perform in front of a sizeable crowd. Splashing around in the deep end, he realised he'd found his happy place, and these days you'll find him roaming the stage on the regular.

Wanna know a bit more about the mysterious southern Cali fella? We asked Nick to answer a few questions for us below.

FILL THE BLANKS with... Nick Waterhouse

Hello my name is Nick Waterhouse. I come from California, which is known for its GDP. My biggest fear is pretty big, I'm inspired by the big fear. I don't believe in mixtapes, because cassettes are for fetishists. One thing that might surprise people about me is SURPRISE! Five minutes ago I was rolling down the road and in five minutes I will be further rolling down the road. My words of advice for frankie readers are never take any serious advice from someone you've just met. And buy my new record. One day I want to put another record out because the last two went pretty well. Something I learnt recently is how to properly sew a button. I would describe my sound as more sophisticated than you think.

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