tunesday - lester the fierce

by georgia frances king

Every now and then we come across a voice that fills a little part of us that we didn't know was missing. Anita Lester, whom last year put on a huge concert of orchestral Radiohead covers in a disused jail, has had a career steeped in the Melbourne music scene, and Lester The Fierce is her latest project. It's a little bit dark, a little bit haunting, and a whole lot of awesome. Her debut EP, The Summer Deluge, comes out today and is full of tunes that express what is no doubt an incredibly unique talent. It is a perfect record for these mid-spring days, watching raindrops race each other down window panes while contemplating what next year will bring. Below is a little taster of what is to come. Stunning, eh? Photos by Amelie Scalercio.

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