sarah blasko exclusive video - "god fearing"

by georgia frances king

We're very proud to present you with the exclusive premiere of the delightful Sarah Blasko's film clip for "God-Fearing", the next single off her album, I Awake.

You know those nights where you come home pretty late and equally as drunk, and something doesn't feel quite right? Maybe someone said something a little nasty to your earlier or there's an issue brewing below the surface from your overly long and stressful day. You feel raw. And vulnerable. And frankly, a little bit sad.

Most people would just make themselves a cheese-laden toastie and crawl into bed with West Wing and try not to think about it. But not Sarah Blasko. She wanted to film it.

This is the Sarah Blasko you don't often get to see. And for the next few days, until the film clip is officially released, you can only see her here.



From the mouth of Sarah herself:

"The spark of the idea for "God-Fearing" was born out of something Natalie van den Dungen shot of me over a year ago. We were out late one night and I was tired, jet-lagged and a little drunk, and I liked how candid it was. We're good friends and I feel very comfortable around her so I wanted to have that opportunity to let go of my inhibitions and defences in front of the camera. It was just her and I. "God-Fearing" is essentially about being bullied. About feeling used up and spat out. When we shot my emotional state was really raw. Some of it's really hard for me to watch because I know my feelings were so genuine."

Natalie van den Dungen pitches in her turn of events:

"It was interesting making a video where the sole intention was to capture something raw and spontaneous. We undermined, at every step in production, anything that would result in a polished performance. We used minimal camera and lighting, no crew and just a few takes - nothing was rehearsed. My aim was to create a comfortable space for Sarah and then match her rawness in both camera work and editing - keeping it loose and not hiding flaws. We had to be in it together."

If you want to see Sarah play live, her tour for I Awake starts next Friday and goes all throughout February, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Click here for more details.

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