vamff frankie runway wrap-up

Boy, do we love a catwalk. The kind with pretty duds and nice lighting, that is, not a moggy with a sassy strut (although that we're rather fond of, too). Last night there was a tinge of green over the frankie runway show at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, with models weaving their way between a jungle's worth of flora. Voluminous shapes were strong on the catwalk, as were bold block colours to brighten our wardrobes up for winter. We also had our eyes glued to the collection of snuggly wraps and coats, which came down leather-wrapped, hooded, rainbow-toned and cape-style.

Take a look to the left for some of our excellent runway shots, which feature Gorman's autumnal patchwork styling, Bul's sleek sophistication, Livia Arena's rugged up cosiness, Jolet's geometric get-ups, Alpha 60's abstract delights, Leonard St's fawn-covered fabrics and Kuwaii's sheer, eye-popping sheen. A humungous back-pat to everyone who lent us a hand, including wonder stylist Stefanie Ingram and Pop Plant, Pop & Scott and Glasshaus Nursery for the props and eye-catching greenery. Images snapped by Lucas Dawson.

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