stuff mondays - status anxiety handbag

Most passing moments flit by without a second thought, but this one's lingering around in the best possible way. Long-time frankie favourites Status Anxiety have added the Passing Moment handbag to their collection, and if they popped handiness and good looks on a scale, it would come up perfectly balanced. The wonderfully slouchy carryall is made from sweet-smelling New Zealand leather, and has plenty of hidden pockets so you can tote secret doodads around on the sly.

The good news for your Monday arvo is that we have one to give away, and all you have to do is email us here with your name and address. We know it's the start of your week and we're all in zombie mode, but don't forget to pop Status Anxiety in the header and let us know about that one special moment that you wish you hadn't let pass you by.

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