stuff mondays - monster threads giveaway

by georgia frances king

Don't mean to freak anybody out, but guys, it's only two weeks till Christmas. While the thought of boiling puddings and organising dinner table settings so feuding family members don't wind up hurling port at each other seems daunting, it also means you'll be on holidays. Sweet, sweet holidays.

For us, t-shirts pretty much epitomise hang time, maybe because they're often coupled with couches and mango hedgehogs this time of year. Monster Threads make some pretty rad collaborations with a whole bunch of frankie-esque artists so you can still feel cultured while reading trashy novels from the comfort of your lounge chair.

We've teed you guys up to win a whole range of their designs – just email us here with your address and a link to whatever takes your fancy if you need some new options in your wardrobe.

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