stuff mondays - candu resin workshops

Ever noticed how making something from scratch feels really, really good? Turning nothingness into a meal you can eat, or a scarf to keep you warm in icicle-forming temperatures, or a new clay home for your pack of plant babies is an extremely gratifying pursuit – even moreso when someone asks where it's from, and you get to smugly say, "I made it myself".

Flexing your creative muscles can be a wee bit daunting though, and it helps to have someone nearby to help you on your merry making way. Take the friendly folks at Candu, for instance – they'll teach you how to mould snazzy resin jewellery, providing all the know-how and materials, while you bring the big ideas.

Their classes run all up the east coast in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, with a regular schedule of events that you can read up on here. We happen to have a ticket to give away in each city – if you fancy getting your hands on one just shoot us an email with your name and address. With a six-month lifespan on each voucher, you'll have plenty of time to work up your creative confidence. Godspeed!

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