etsy giveaway: erin lightfoot

Four words to describe Erin Lightfoot's work: abstract, multi-coloured, patterned and pretty darn great. We added a few extra words in there for good measure, but we reckon the Brisbane-based Etsy seller deserves a whole blog full of them, to be honest.

The designer creates a range of porcelain jewellery and scarves that we're tempted to pile all over our limbs and lobes like geometric building blocks. Each porcelain piece is hand-formed, polished and glazed in her Brissie studio, then given the Erin Lighfoot treatment with a wee bit of an Art Deco twang.

If you're dying for something fancier than a hair tie around your wrist, we've got two limited edition bangles to send your way. To enter, pop your name and address in and email over here, and let us know if it's the Windowism up top or Turkish Gold at the bottom that sets your heart a-flutter.

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