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Sometimes we wish the word ‘alas’ didn’t have such negative overtones. It may be used to express dismay in everyday speech, but there’s a whole different feeling going on when it comes to the Sydney-based PJ label: delight, longing, charm and a sudden need to curl up in a blanket cocoon and settle down for a peaceful sleep, for starters.

Those lovely sentiments were never stronger than when we first laid eyes on their brand new range, Midnight Musings. It comes in soothing tones of green and blue to keep your kipping nice and calm, and features moons of different shapes and sizes (as well as a smattering of cute cotton stars).

The good news is we have a voucher to give away so you can wrap up in ALAS threads next time you lay down for 40 winks. To enter the draw, simply email your name, address and size our way and we’ll see what we can do. Sweet dreams!

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