frankie diy - glitter feathers

by anabela piersol

It's Friday, frankie friends! And you know what that means... Well, aside from a bottle of merlot waiting for your arrival home and curling up under the window with a good book. It means there may be enough spare moments in your weekend to get your fingers moving and your brain full of crafty delights.

As part two of our new exclusive craft feature, the newly-hitched Anabela Piersol brings you something special via our feathered friends. She runs a sweet blog called Fieldguided, which we can highly recommend you have a gander at here. If you missed part one of our new DIYs, you can learn how to make fancy pom pom chandeliers with Rachael Smith here.

Today Anabela shows us how to get nifty with the humble feather. First she'll teach you how to add a bit of bling to their plumage, and then we have a few suggestions for how you can kit yourself and your home out with your newly acquired talons.



Feathers (I got my prettily-coloured feathers here)

Fine glitter

A glue stick

Small bowl

Craft paper



1. Put down some craft paper to protect your work surface. Glitter can be so messy to work with, and it will help contain the glitter (somewhat).

2. Spill some glitter out into your bowl.


3. Apply a layer of glue to the tip of the feather on both sides. Glue sticks are good for this project because other types of glue can be heavy or create clumps. A light layer is all that is required!


4. Dip the tip of the feather into the glitter, or pick up a pinch with your fingers and sprinkle it on. You can always touch up glitterless spots if you're okay with getting glitter on your glue stick.


5. Shake off excess glitter and set aside to dry. Stare in awe at their prettiness.


You'll probably end up with glitter-covered fingers, which is actually quite pretty!






OPTION 1: Glitter feather hair pieces.

Glue a few layers of feathers into a pad. Trim the non-glittered end into a uniform shape and add a bow with a hot glue gun. Once dry, attach the feathered pad to the top of a hair clip (with either hot glue or using a needle and thread) to create a spiffy item to spruce up your hair.



OPTION 2: Helium party balloons.

For a simple yet effective shindig decoration, tie a few feathers together with twine and attach them to a helium balloon. It won't need the feathers to help it fly, but it does add a nice touch to your little soiree.


OPTION 3: Hanging mobiles.

To decorate your home or nursery with a touch of whimsy, tie pieces of fishing line to the feathers' stems and hang them from the ceiling or mantle piece. Just make sure to keep them out of the way/mouths of little ones. They make look darling, but they won't taste anywhere near as nice as they look.

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