craft cubed

by georgia frances king

CRAFT x CRAFT x CRAFT = CRAFT CUBED. Mathematics is never wrong.

Crafted Cubed is an annual festival put on by the lovely folks at Craft Victoria, and this year they'll be running a string of fancy events from August 3rd to September 1st. As well as some marvelous workshops and seminars, there are also a whole swag of open studios, exhibitions, and opportunities to swill some wine while learning a little more about design.

The program is too long and too awesome to print here, so have a look at it online by clicking here. It includes Etsy Success events, visual merchandising programs, blogging seminars, animation workshops, jewellery making and plenty more! Lots of them have intriguing names too, like I'll Show You My Craft If You Show Me Yours and There's A Walrus In My Wardrobe! Plus, the Craft Hatch market is on again this year, taking place at Thousand Pound Bend on Saturday September 1st.

For more details, have a peek at their website.

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