2013 frankie diary and calendar pre-order

by the frankie team

It's that time of year again... the time when the wind is blowing warmer, the blossoms have bloomed, next year is only four months away and that means our 2013 frankie diaries and calendars are all designed and ready to pre-order. Huzzah!

Pre-orders for the 2013 frankie diary and calendar have just opened, so if you want to guarantee your chance of getting some daily frankieness in your life next year, you can pop in a pre-order (Sorry sold out). They tend to sell out pretty quickly online and copies in stores and newsagents generally go by mid-November, so if you don't want to miss out we recommend pre-ordering.

The diary this year has a beautiful dusty red jacket with weekly designs by Amy Borrell - it also has some extra goodies, like list pages, stickers, and a little pocket for you to pop your important stuff in. The calendar's front cover has a bit of a tropicana feel and features artists and designers like Donna Wilson, Lucy Ling, The Black Apple and Ana Albero in its pages.

And why yes, thank you for asking, we have had a little frankie shop makeover! Have a peep around the rest of our newly swish frankie press store.

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