stuff mondays - poketo grab bag

There are no stockings on the mantel or tinsel-draped trees in the corner, but my goodness, it feels like Christmas. How else can we account for the grab bag of goodies that we're giving away to one lucky dude or dudine?

Generously assembled by the folk at Poketo, the pack contains a whole bundle of bits and bobs to brighten up your day. Like a wide-angle camera, for instance, to add a bit of an old school feel to your snaps, and a pretty patterned strap so you can tote your cam like a photo-taking pro. There's also a mini pocket planner to jot down all your fanciful thoughts, and a set of sticky animal bookmark tabs to keep track of any particularly dazzling ideas. Plus, we're adding a little Bart Simpson to your gardening with a slingshot and seed bomb kit, so you can hurtle seeds into your flowerbed and watch blossoms begin to bloom.

To get your hands on this bulging prize pack, shoot us an email here with your name and address, and don't forget to tell us why the loot should be all yours.

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