kester black nailpolish giveaway

by georgia frances king

Make up sucks during the summer. Accidentally evoking the cries of wildlife campaigners due to our poorly-applied panda eyes, we've come to favour brightly painted nails in lieu of hues on our faces: Kester Black is an Aussie brand we're coveting at the moment and we think you may take a fancy to them too.

All of their polishes not only look like something we want to eat but also sound like something we want to blend with ice and rum and drink while it's warm: peach melba, tutti frutti, marshmallow, mai tai... You'll have to be careful not to have too many cocktails lest you start licking your fingers.

We have three packs of their nail art books to give away (co-written with the abosultely stupendous Chelsea Bagan of Trophy Wife Nail Art who you should definitely check out), complete with a slew of their polishes to test their designs with. Just email us here with your name and address and let us know what fruity beverage you'd like to turn your nails into if you could.

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