get fancy: coloured eyeshadow

by dana leviston

Coloured eye shadows can be a bit daunting, with memories of bad '80s perms and reams of fluoro spandex still giving us a mild case of PTSD. But don't be too quick to poo-poo a splash of aqua blue or smear of mermaid tail green across your lids (it's a real colour, just ask Mr Pantone). Try adding some pop to your peepers with these three ideas – you can even get away with them in the daytime, if you please. Playing with different finishes (matte, sheen, shimmer, crème) and shades can help find out what suits you best, but remember: there are no rules! Be brave and surprise yourself.



coloured eye shadow or shimmer eye dust
1 or 2 small-medium eye shadow brushes

Tip: use one brush to apply the eye shadow and keep the second one clean for blending purposes.



Look 1: Take a lighter shade and a smaller brush and add just a dash of colour to the inner corners of the top lid and tear duct area. Then add a little to the bottom lashline along the outer edge. This creates a more subtle look, but adds a bit of interest to your regular old slapped on makeup.


Look 2: One bold, solid colour on the top lid may sound a bit high fashion, but if the rest of your makeup is neutral and you're happy to just add mascara, it can be a totally wearable look without going over-the-top. Add the colour with one eye shadow brush to the top lid, then blend it slightly with the other – take it into the corners, wash it over the crease and extend it out into a kind of almond shape. Make sure you apply it all the way down to the top lash bed so there are no gaps.


Look 3: This kind of rich colour with a shimmery finish calls for a little bit more definition. The eye shadow is applied in the same way as in Look 2, but this time the colour should also find its way to the bottom lashline. It's more of a smoky eye technique, truly. Intensity is added by using a soft black pencil eyeliner along the top and bottom lash bed, and black mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Try this look teamed with winged liner, a '60s mod eye or false lashes.


The pretty piccies of model Abby were snapped by Natalie Jeffcott. Words are by Dana Leviston.


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