get fancy: a festive face

by dana leviston

This season has us decorating our trees and stringing up pretty lights, getting our spaces ready for all the festivities. But what about decorating ourselves? We're not talking about flashing Santa earrings or reindeer noses. This here holiday how-to is a fun and simple way of embellishing your face with a few makeup basics.



white eyeliner
coloured eyeshadows
small eye shadow brush (or a few if you choose to use several colours)



1. Take the white eyeliner and draw a cluster of various sized spots on the area of your face that you would like to decorate.


2. Choose an eyeshadow colour and begin applying over the top of random white spots using your small eyeshadow brush.


3. Continue with your colours until all the white spots are coloured in with eyeshadow. This is a super cute "confetti" look, and you can leave it like this, or even add a bit of glitter at this point.


4. Give your white eyeliner a sharpen and add tiny flower petals to some of your spots for a super-pretty retro flower power vibe.


The pretty piccies of model Jemma Rowlands were snapped by Bekky Halls. Words are by Dana Leviston.

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